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FiiO A5 Portable Amp Review | EDC
FiiO A5 Portable Amp Review | EDC

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FiiO A5 Portable Amp Review | EDC.

ampli dac fiio a1.

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  1. EdgeDC says:

    (Yes, I know I'm commenting on an old review) Per the comment at the end of the video… as soon as you add Bluetooth, you have to have a DAC… then the device is no longer just an amp, but an AMP/DAC (or DAC/AMP… whichever). Therefore Bluetooth makes absolutely no sense for just a portable amp. After all, Bluetooth = digital signal. The A5 is pure analog, and that's all it can be if it's just an amp… so Bluetooth would necessarily change what the device *is*.

  2. R M G says:

    You know the saying "garbage in, garbage out". Probably your dac is not that good. This amp is very transparent, so if you feed it a bad signal, it will output that bad signal amplified.

  3. Diane Vanaman says:

    I’m a believer in this amp. I had it for 4 years. Never any issues- not 1. I have no problem with sound as well. It drives my Beyer T90’s, AKG 712pro’s, HD6xx’s, everything with ease. I’d say past the point of comfortable levels. I bought it for $127. I’m actually selling it today though as I’m super curious about the iFi Xcan (a much more expensive amp, too… that’s actually coming to me today)!
    Back to the a5- unfortunately FiiO removed it off their roster after carrying it for several years. Sad

  4. tobisch says:

    UAPP–> Mojo set to 'lineout' –> A5 –> LCD-XC/K812 = unbeatable imo!
    having the A5 last in the chain really get's me so much more details/transparancy and bass impact, I couldn't believe it.
    a good DAC in front of the A5 really makes the difference. I have no need to power up my desktop rig anymore, love it!! 🙂
    I really like your channel, keep up the good work!

  5. Marki V. says:

    Is it good for not portable use ? like on a computer. bescuase i cant find any amplifier that can drive 250 ohms in my country except this.

  6. nixland says:

    So what portable amplifiers (for smartphone and laptop) that you give high score, higher than this fiio? I am looking for portable amp. Thanks

  7. V M says:

    Are you going to reply to my and other people's criticism of your review Josh? It's been two months at least… Have you tried the A5 out of good DACs to judge the sound quality properly? I think it's a pretty transparent amp and does reveal differences in DAC and line out quality quite well… 800mW isn't enough for HD6xx? How so?

    No offense, but I start to get a feeling that you don't care much about your audience.

  8. Welfare States says:

    Every time I see a review for a headphone amplifier, and the 'reviewer' talks about the loss of in-line controls, I throw up in my mouth a little. Dude, any audiophile who would be watching this video doesn't give af about in-line controls, he wouldn't have headphones that incorporate such basic drivel in the first place. I'm guessing this channel is catered towards people who want to make their Apple earbuds play louder?

  9. progbl says:

    Hello Josh
    Actually can anyone recommend me best (only) headphone amp around 150-200 for IEMs. What's is important, sound quality, build quality and portability so not too big. Bluetooth would be nice bonus.
    I've been searching and looking alot of amps as a possible buy but none of them impressed me so much, every one of them is missing something. Fiio q5 seem like a good choice but its double the price I can afford right now.
    Any suggestions anyone?

  10. V M says:

    Fulla 2 puts out 360 mW into 32 Ohms. A5 puts out over twice as much power. If the A5 struggles to drive HD600, then the Fulla 2 should be completely incapable. 🙂

  11. V M says:

    I will have to disagree with the sound quality and power ratings you give the A5. Have you tested the amp with good DACs? I think it sounds fantastic for the money – better than the Objective 2 to my ears and any built in amp I've heard. I pair it with my Fiio X5 1st Gen (PCM1792A DAC) and Topping D50 (dual Sabre ES9038Q2M DACs) and it's super clean and clear with great separation and resolution. Also, it does drive my HD600, 6XX and HE-400i effortlessly with lots of volume to spare. Have you actually tested it with the HD6xx series before you claimed that it has trouble driving them? BTW, it has more power than the O2.

    Also, what's your reference amp(s) that you are comparing to? Thanks.

  12. Tim Wilson says:

    Manufacturer Specs:

    Micca Origen G2
    THD+N: <0.02% (1kHz, A-wt.)

    Schiit Fulla 2
    THD: <0.008%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 1V RMS

    Fiio A5
    THD+N: <0.002% (1 kHz)

    The Fiio A5 actually has the lowest distortion spec supplied by the manufacturer. Lower than your other two recommendations, the Schiit Fulla and Micca Origen. Meaning it is more "clean" and would provide something closer to "the totality of the sonic experience."

    The spec for the Schiit Fulla would actually be better if Schiit had measured it at 1 kHz. Then again independent measurement shows that the Fulla actually measures much worse than its spec:

    Measurements of the Origen G2 show that it measures as poorly as Micca claims:

    Hopefully we will see independent measurements of the Fiio A5 at some point.

  13. Melchior says:

    for the bluetooth option i use a radsone earstudio es100, it is really good. dual dac plus balanced output
    I am waiting for a topping nx5 amp to drive my more hungry akg k712 pro headsets, lets see how it delivers

  14. SleepyRhythms says:

    It gets my Massdrop 6XX plenty loud and the 58x Jubilees shine with the A5. Check out the FiiO Q5 since you commented on Bluetooth.

  15. Easy Layup says:

    Good review but i must disagree with the power. I'm using the a5 to power my fostex t-20rp mklll, audeze lcd-2c and hifiman he-400 perfectly fine.

  16. chocoholix21 says:

    Yo josh chill, I love your content and I love where this is all going I also love how there are no signs showing that you'd slow down on this but, space the series out a bit to a weekly segment, and keep to a consistent schedule. I appreciate the quick content especially for what could be one of the best series you've made for your channel but I don't want it to suddenly disappear waiting for new gear to review or you just lost the taste for it coz you made too many too quickly. Just my 2 cents, so glad I'm subscribed to you!

  17. legione1capone says:

    I would love for you to review the monoprice liquid spark amp and the zmf classics. Not enough reviews of these. Be one of the first! The classics are excellent.

  18. Leonhart says:

    800 mW not enough for HD 600/650? Not sure what to say about that man. With Fiio E10k I can use my HD 600 as portable speakers (impossibly loud to use as headphones), and that only outputs 200mW in 32ohm. I also have a 700mW amp, and I am afraid I would blow up the HD 600 if I use that at max power…

  19. redrich2000 says:

    To have BT it would need to have a DAC though and that would make it a completely different product and cost much more than $10 extra.

  20. Archie Wei says:

    Is there a player that’ll play Spotify over wireless and doesn’t require a external DAC & AMP? Or a Bluetooth DAC/AMP that’ll receive and output Bluetooth and output 3.5 as well?

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