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Trong video này, chúng ta sẽ xem xét Behringer Q502USB, một bộ trộn âm thanh để bàn 5 kênh giá rẻ với giao diện âm thanh USB được tích hợp sẵn. Mua trên Amazon (Đơn vị liên kết): Anh: Mỹ :.

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Budget desktop mixer - Behringer Q502USB - Unboxing and Review
Budget desktop mixer – Behringer Q502USB – Unboxing and Review

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Budget desktop mixer – Behringer Q502USB – Unboxing and Review.

mixer behringer q502usb.

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25 thoughts on “Budget desktop mixer – Behringer Q502USB – Unboxing and Review | Tóm tắt những kiến thức liên quan mixer behringer q502usb chi tiết nhất

  1. Thomas SP9TL says:

    Are you sure the 2/3 and 4/5 are not affected by the main EQ? The user manual says that the EQ works on all input channels. And as far as I know, EQ and gain does not cover TAPE/2-TRACK. Thnx.

  2. 3jackdaw says:

    Hello! I have a question, Im planning to get that mixer as well but I have the UMC22 instead. Which one should I use to connect to the PC? the mixer or the audio interface? I want to be a able to control my microphone EQ live. Thanks!

  3. Keepoto says:

    Hi, I recently bought the same mixer, but I get a static-like noise even with only the headphone and power supply plugged in. I use a BM-800 which requires phantom power and when I set it up, it only amplifies the noise. Could you help me what I'm doing wrong?

  4. Kevin Savage says:

    Hi there, I have a sub zero SZ-MIX04 and a behringer 802 (Both audio mixers). I need a bit of help as I also have a focusrite solo usb. I am on virtual meetings (Zoom and Microsoft Teams) alot and wanted better sound and wondered how to link this all up or do I need all this equipment?? Confused at the moment. ……I am a beginner and also thinking of recording music – guitar and vocals soon enough as a hobby. Any advice Cameron! Thank you

  5. baldoyledub says:

    I have a beyerdynamic DT-297-PV/80 MKII which needs 12-48 phantom power. Could i use it with a with Behringer Xenyx Q502USB with  15v phantom power ???

  6. Danny Kamhaji says:

    Hello, thanks for the video review very helpful. I just got mine set up, and I honestly don't understand what's going on to my headphone monitoring. I cannot just hear the output from my headphones without hearing the Speaker Main out. can it be just my mixer? or is this somehow not possible with this mixer? I have some Beyer Dynamics DT 770 Pro 120 ohms, and I also tried it using 3 other headphones. Thanks for your input if possible!

  7. Marc JDabs says:

    im a newbie on this stuff and i was doing some research, im planning on upgrading my mic setup with this q502usb and mxl 990 mic. im just wondering if the q502usb have the sufficient amount of phantom power for the mic.

  8. Daniel Bicho says:

    Hey. Nice video. I have a dj controler and I want to buy an audio interface to live stream my dj mixes. Do you think I could use this mixer to send audio to my monitor speakers and to my smartphone? Because my controller has just one output rca.Thanks

  9. London Jarrett says:

    Just subbed, about to check out some of your other videos!! Good luck with growing your channel! Have you seen smzeus . c o m!!? It will really help you with growing your channel.

  10. WelshTony1 says:

    I have the Q1202USB as well as a normal 502 (non usb) and been using them for a few years now.
    That transformer, be very careful with it, 1 of mine split in half along the seal exposing the transformer.
    As for the USB interface, its Rubbish. For me I get allot of interference whilst trying to record over it so what I now do is use Main out and plug that into the input on 1 of my sound cards and it has worked wonderful that way. I use the Phones out for the speakers and headphones (I have to swap obviously) but this has worked really well for me over the years.
    Major downside to the 502 I find is no FX Send to split the audio. So what I mean is for me I output audio from my PC into this and Input it whilst using the Mic, now whist in a call you dont want the system audio bleeding into the call, this is where FX send comes into use, you mute the rest of the channels and have your mic via FX send for the call.

    But for a cheap Mixer I agree with you this is a great buy allough I would get the non USB one now after my personal experience

  11. TheFissionchips says:

    Good to see Behringer are still using the same psu that their budget ranges going back over 15 years used. Ive had one of their 8 channel desktop mixers since 2006, not even a scratchy pot in that time.

  12. Owen Yelland says:

    Even simpler with the stereo to mono example just plug them into the stereo input on the mixer and then pan it over to the output you have plugged in

  13. Andrew Joy says:

    Mate i have the model above that sitting on the shelf doing nothing as i did not like the noise floor on the mic, upgraded to a MG10XU.

    If i known you where looking you could have had it for the price you paid for this 🙂

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