Đề tài của bài viết này sẽ xoay quanh về mixer behringer mx400. Nếu bạn đang quan tâm về mixer behringer mx400 thì hãy cùng chúng tôi tìm hiểu về đề tài mixer behringer mx400 trong bài viết Box Opening: Behringer MX400 Mixer này nhé.

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Santa Brian đã tốt với tôi hôm nay. Kiểm tra những thứ này. .

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Box Opening: Behringer MX400 Mixer
Box Opening: Behringer MX400 Mixer

Ngoài việc theo dõi nội dung về Box Opening: Behringer MX400 Mixer mà bạn đang theo dõi này thì bạn có thể tìm hiểu thêm nhiều chuyên mục khác mà chúng tôi cập nhật hằng ngày ngay dưới đây nhé !!

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Box Opening: Behringer MX400 Mixer.

mixer behringer mx400.

Chúng tôi rất mong với một số tin tức về mixer behringer mx400 mà autumnhurlbert.com đóng góp tới bạn sẽ có thể giúp cho bạn có thêm một vài kiến thức mới và hy vọng sẽ hữu ích cho bạn. Xin chân thành cám ơn bạn đã đọc chủ đề về mixer behringer mx400 của autumnhurlbert.com.

30 thoughts on “Box Opening: Behringer MX400 Mixer | Khái quát các tài liệu nói về mixer behringer mx400 đúng nhất

  1. Lello Caso says:

    It is possible to connect several microphones at the same time and connect the output on a single mixer channel, then simultaneously hear more microphones on a single mixer channel

  2. phil hughes says:

    Hi there, sorry Im a bit late to the party! XD Im recording some demos at home, I have a one channel usb interface at the moment, I was wondering if this would do just to help me record drums, recording t he drums with one mic is a bit of a pain XD

  3. Brucie Kibbutz says:

    i got an issue with this mixer, i plugged my ps4 through my monitor in input 1 and my pc sound into input 2, output goes into my speakers, the issue im having is all the sound is comming from my left speaker. i have set the correct settings in my windows (it worked fine before i installed the mixer). whenever i test my surround sound through windows it even "shows" that sounds it being played through the right speaker but im not hearing anything.. any idea?!

  4. Nicolas Desautels says:

    I love unboxing so much. Sometimes on a Saturday I put some stuff in a box, tape the box shut, and then unbox it. It's so enjoyable. A very affordable activity especially during Covid quarantine. It also makes for a fun but cheap date, if you want to show your girl a good time.

  5. Sharkwhisperer says:

    so volca keys this mixer and then an active speaker wont work? you still need a decent mixer? and is it center positive or center negative, not clear to me.

  6. Robinho-Guitar-Covers says:

    Nice video. I have a question: i have a Fender Frontman 25R guitar amp, the sound is great but it goes way too loud, even if the volume is on 1. Would it be possible to connect my electric guitar to this device and connect this device to my Fender Frontman amp, and get the volume of my amp lower?

  7. Mike Norris says:

    Hey great video. The output of this thing is mono? I want a simple device to connect two interfaces in paralell into my active monitors rca inputs in order to compare the sessions in both daws. Will this be useful for that purpose? If not, is there any alternative other than the typical mixing board (wich i want to avoid in order to preserve the most clean signal possible)? Thanks

  8. dimebagcfh says:

    I ask this yesterday on Facebook, So I'll ask here to…… Quick couple questions #techheads
    And #guitargurus
    Guitar Related…… What I wanna do is have multiple inputs for guitar, bass guitar, digital drum kit into a loop pedal. my question is would a ab box work? or would this work instead? also can they be run all at once or individually? Also im in the market for something like this Behringer mixer box… still the question remains until i get some hands on experience

  9. T-marie N says:

    Brian, you seem to be a YouTuber that answers questions which is great. I'm trying to find a way to listen to a digital keyboard (Yamaha P125) and a YouTube video with one headphone set–I'm trying to learn piano via YouTube. Do you know if this will work for that?

  10. Michael Caoile says:

    Nice review sir!!! I have a question. Do you think I can use this and hook it up into a regular speaker without amplifier? Do you know if this small mixer can amplify the outputs of the mics through regular speaker, no amps? Thank you!

  11. Super Doge says:

    Is there some cheap way to get the output to both stereos? Or how do you use this in your setup, i guess nobody wants to listen only the left channel? Is there an easy way to convert "stereo 1/4 jack-> stereo 3,5mm" plug to "mono 1/4 jack –> 3,5mm stereo plug"?

  12. Budget tools says:

    Hey I was just looking at these on Amazon I'm looking at using it for karaoke is there a way you could read off to me from the power supply what's the output because I'm searching for a DC power supply not AC

  13. Santiago R says:

    hi, i need this micromixer to connect to mics and the to a behringer um2 interfaz then to my pc, basically for podcasting. I can´tn buy a interfaz with more channels right now, will it work

  14. MIKESONCK says:

    Brian, i know the output is mono, but what happens if i plug my headphones on it? am I gonna be listening on both side L & R or or just one side?

  15. Marlon dela Cruz says:

    Hey Brian! Do you know if this would work with lavalier mics? I need 4 mics to go into my camera. My mics don't get picked up by my big mixer. Thanks

  16. tr0ublem4ker says:

    Can I connect a mic and sound output from my interface to this mixer, then output from this mixer to a headphone?
    am planning to setup a talkback mic this way 🙂
    hope to get your response

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