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AirPods: tai nghe không dây hoàn toàn ra mắt cùng với iPhone 7. Sự cường điệu đã qua … liệu chúng có tốt không? Đánh giá Jaybird X3: Video Gear tôi sử dụng: Intro Track: 22 (shawn wasabi bootleg) ~.

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Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!
Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!

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Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!.

airpods review.

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45 thoughts on “Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless! | Bao quát những nội dung về airpods review đúng nhất

  1. ang3lpix3l says:

    I only use my airpods when I’m like running or when my phones on the charger and I can’t use my wired ones and I’ll use my wired ones when my AirPods are dead or when my phone is fully charged

  2. Johnathan C says:

    I don't like does Bluetooth earphones because they have too much latency.. That why I always prefer wired headphones. The day apple or other company fix that problem all that latency that will be the day. Mixing and making music wireless so cool.

  3. oknadbok sieovdw says:

    i have lightning apple earpods to watch youtube videos and netflix. which is better for watching movies lightning earpods or airpods?

  4. antmagor says:

    I hate them, they hurt like hell. Overpriced piece of junk. It’s bad enough Apple won’t let me plug-in the knock off brands that you can buy at any store. I hate this company.

  5. elchamber says:

    They don’t connect to your iPhone all the time. Sometimes you have to manually connect them. And some times you have to disconnect and reconnect them to your iPhone cause the sound is statically.

  6. CampusMania says:

    Watching in 2021.. Wireless audio has improved so much now because of those original AirPods. Everybody has been copying them over the past 5 years and companies like Sony doubled down on their technology to make it better which gave us the wonderful WH-1000XM4.

  7. ragranok says:

    AirPods emitting (accumulating with phone) so much electromagnetic energy… it's the same as you would turn on your 2,4 GHz microwave oven and hold your head close to the doors of it… Its proved, that if you are talking on phone 30 min every day, on the same preferable side of the head, after 10 years there are ~1650 hours – you got 40% chance to get a tumor.

  8. Lone Wolf says:

    I regret not getting these when they first came out. I totally could have but instead got car parts(which cost like the whole ecosystem) lol. Better late than never.

  9. paulo silva says:

    Wonder how much you got paid. Ha ha. Stick to phones guys. No 32 bit dac. No headphone jack. Cheap air pods with no balance drivers and 1 cheap dynamic driver that sounds 10 times worst than a 18 dollars kz, and here you are talking about something layout don't know. They tune this with high fz so that morons that don't have an idea of band fz in tuning sounds or what's right. Ha ha. Is like people reviewing a fiat punto saying its good when you could buy a ferrari for the same price. But fiat punto is being promoted by you and Paris hilton. Ha ha. Enough words bro. I am an audio file person and you make me laugh

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